Need a Place To Stay? Posted in FRONTLINE CLASSIFIEDS by Frontline on June 17, 2021


Are you planning on visiting South Florida, or know someone who is? Hotels can be pricey and filled with hidden fees. Airbnb’s are reliable, but can also be pricey and come with the discomfort of staying in a stranger’s home. Don’t you wish there was a website where you can browse without all of those inconveniences? You’re in luck.

Welcome to Frontline Classifieds, a buy-and-sell space for those who serve/ have served. Frontline Classifieds was created to provide benefits and savings to those that serve our country – both past and present. Active Duty military, Veterans, Retired military, Military reserve, Military spouses, Military academies, First Responders, Fire, Police, Sheriff, Corrections, Homeland Security. Not only do we provide a marketplace for reselling common goods, our members can also list their rental properties to those who are visiting, or just need a peaceful getaway. Whether you’re looking or selling, we guarantee you will find more than you came looking for! Sign-up today, share with your friends & family, and buy/ sell with ease!

Your New Marketplace in FRONTLINE CLASSIFIEDS Your New Marketplace

Shopping and selling online is easier than ever before! With marketplaces all over social media, such as Facebook and Instagram, as well as the tried and true spaces like Ebay and Craigslist, you can purchase and sell anything from cars to old tennis shoes rig

June 12 - 4 min read