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Appliances can break at the drop of a hat. The search for a handyman begins, which comes with a deeper search to ensure their integrity and ability to complete the tasks. There are multiple sites designed to help you find the right person for the job, but that doesn’t mean they are who they say they are. 


Frontline Classifieds is a dedicated space, entrusted with those who serve, or have served, on our frontlines, to provide goods and services within the community. This takes the worry out of letting untrustworthy people into your home, reducing the time it takes to find a reliable handyman, and allows veterans and other military personnel the chance to continue working after they’ve retired.


We offer memberships, benefits and savings to those that serve our country – both past and present, Active Duty military, Veterans, Retired military, Military reserve, Military spouses, Military academies, First Responders, Fire, Police, Sheriff, Corrections & Homeland Security. We offer a simple verification process that will enable you to quickly participate in selling your item. You can either provide a government based email address or even send us a selfie of you in uniform. We also have a reporting system that will trigger a review if you believe someone is not who they say they are.


We also work with a variety of organizations, such as “The Wounded Warrior Project,” “Brotherhood For The Fallen,” “Our Military Kids,” and more. In July alone, the veteran unemployment rate was 3.9%. We plan on lowering that by supporting and giving back to our first responders and helping them find work.

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