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Frontline Classifieds was conceived and developed by a South Florida Firefighter who wanted to provide an easy way for people to buy from those who work on the frontlines.  Ray saw how much people in his own fire department constantly checked out the internal classified section that was offered by his employee and decided to see if more people would also be interested.  I know a lot of Firefighter’s and Police Officer who only buy the best items whether it is a car, boat, house or furniture.  I also know a lot of Brothers/Sisters who have second jobs and offer great services and wanted to provide a larger scale version of our own classifieds.

I hope everyone enjoys using Frontline Classifieds.  A portion of each sale will be donated to popular charities listed on the homepage.  We are proud to be able to give back!

Your New Marketplace in FRONTLINE CLASSIFIEDS Your New Marketplace

Shopping and selling online is easier than ever before! With marketplaces all over social media, such as Facebook and Instagram, as well as the tried and true spaces like Ebay and Craigslist, you can purchase and sell anything from cars to old tennis shoes rig

June 12 - 4 min read